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Did You Know?

  • A broker works for you, not an insurance company

  • Combining your home and auto insurance can save you money

  • You can add additional financial protection with an umbrella liability policy

  • Brokers adhere to a code of ethics that direct writers and agents do not

  • Water is now the #1 cause of property insurance claims

  • Price is not the only factor when purchasing insurance – not all policies are the same

  • Increasing your deductible can lower your insurance premiums

  • When you lend out your car, you are lending out your auto insurance as well – be careful!

  • You can increase the accident benefits coverage under your auto policy

  • When renting a car, you should discuss coverage with your broker

  • A conviction can affect your insurance, even if you don’t lose demerit points

  • The colour of your vehicle does not impact your insurance premium

  • An independent insurance broker covers you best!

  • You should carry a copy of your vehicle ownership in your car, not the original

  • A parking lot accident is not always 50-50