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Be Safe While Camping!

At DPM Insurance Group, we consider your security our responsibility. Our brokers and CSRs work hard to find you the best coverage possible to protect you and your family. And while we’re ready to stand by you through any claim, we’d also like to help you and yours stay safe whenever possible.

When headed out for a summer camping get-away, not everyone is thinking about some of the things that could go wrong. We can’t help insure you against all the types of perils you might encounter in the back country… or the RV park, but hopefully these simple tips will help you stay safe.

Few things can be as relaxing as sitting around a camp fire with friend or family, roasting marsh mellows and telling stories. But there are several safety considerations to keep in mind,


Choosing the fire site

  • Whenever possible, pick a site to build your fire that is close to a water source and sheltered from the wind
  • Build your fire on a rock surface or bare dirt
  • Build the fire at least three metres away from logs, stumps, trees and overhanging branches
  • Make sure the fire is far enough away from buildings or tents.

Preparing the site

  • Clear a space about two metres wide
  • Remove pine needles, grass, leaves and twigs
  • Ensure you have a pail of water and a shovel to control the fire.

Building your campfire

  • Keep the fire smaller than one metre high and one metre wide
  • Small fires are safer, easier to control and easier to put out
  • A small fire will also keep cooking tools from blackening and let you get close enough to cook.

Stay nearby

  • Never leave a campfire unattended
  • If you start a campfire, make sure you keep it under control and put it out before you leave.

Putting the fire out

Pour lots of water on the campfire then stir the ashes with a stick. Pour on more water and repeat these steps until:

  • The ashes don’t hiss
  • Everything looks wet
  • No more smoke comes from the ashes.

Fire safety tips for kids

  • Always have an adult supervise when you’re around a fire
  • Never play with matches or fireworks
  • If you see a fire burning with no people near it, tell an adult immediately.


Extreme Weather

There’s an old saying that goes “Don’t Complain, Camp in the Rain”. Whether or not you grumble about wet weekend weather, it’s important to consider the safety issues related to the extreme weather we often experience in Ontario. Being aware of your surroundings is an important part of staying safe outdoors. Identify in advance the places where you could take shelter if threatening weather approaches. Then, if the skies darken and you see lightning, you will know what to do and where to find the most appropriate shelter.

Here are some tips on what to do if you encounter the following phenomena.

Lightning, Strong Winds, and Large Hail: If in a tent or tent-trailer, move to the closest comfort station/washroom or your hard-topped vehicle. If no shelter is available, seek refuge deep in a thick stand of trees. If no trees or only solitary trees are nearby, then find the lowest-lying area. Crouch down and cover your head.

Heavy Rain/Flash Floods: Avoid camping close to streams or rivers as heavy rain can cause water levels to rise rapidly. Never cross rain-swollen streams or rivers as the undercurrents could carry you downstream. If flash flooding does occur, get to higher ground immediately.

Tornadoes: Move to a campground comfort station/washroom. Crouch and cover your head. If there is no comfort station or washroom nearby, evacuate your tent or camper van. Lie down flat in a low-lying area and cover your head with your hands. Do not get into your vehicle to escape a tornado! Strong tornadoes can overturn vehicles.


Source: Camping Ontario


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