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Why Choose An Insurance Brokerage?

Insurance can be confusing. With so many options and companies to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. As independent insurance brokers, we at DPM Insurance Group are dedicated to making sure you receive the insurance you require at a competitive price, and we help you through every step of the way. Why choose DPM […]


With the winter season hitting us very early this year, now seems a good time to remind our friends that while many Canadian drivers are guilty of not fully scraping their windows or clearing their cars of snow before taking to the road, that bad habit could cost you.   Very few drivers can say […]

Why You’ve Always Needed Travel Insurance

Chances are you’ve heard the news that starting this coming January, Ontario residents are no longer eligible for up to $400 per day for out-of-country hospital care through OHIP. Whatever political side of that debate you fall on, the reality is that purchasing travel insurance has always been a prudent financial protection for you and […]

Adding Teenage Drivers to Your Policy

If you’ve ever wondered why it costs more to insure a teenage driver, research shows that mile for mile driven, drivers aged 16-19 years are four times as likely to have an accident as drivers 20 and older. Adding your newly licensed teenager as an occasional driver to your automobile insurance policy allows them to […]


If you rent a home or apartment in Ontario, you’re not legally required to obtain tenant insurance; however, it is perfectly legal for your landlord to require you purchase tenant insurance as part of your lease agreement. While there are plenty of reasons tenant insurance makes sense for an individual renting living space, there are […]

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

While we all want to be fire safe 365 days a year, Christmas time presents some unique challenges in the home when it comes to fire safety. So, DPM Insurance Group checked in with the Ontario Fire Chiefs Association to see what suggestions they had to offer to help family safe from fire this holiday […]

Common Insurance Questions

With so many different insurance products on the market, not to mention the myriad choice of carriers and brokers, many people get overwhelmed when trying to determine the best insurance products for both their peace of mind and financial security. DPM Insurance Group’s brokers and support staff undergo extensive professional training to help you determine […]


If you drive, then at some point in time you had to shop for car insurance. Here at DPM Insurance Group, we help people every day find the best policy to suit their individual situation. In the course of that, we often get asked how a company determines the rate drivers pay. The honest answer […]

Christmas Parking Lot Survival Tips

When Andy Williams sang “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, he’d obviously never attempted to navigate the insanity that is a mall parking lot during the Christmas shopping season. Heavy traffic, preoccupied drivers and pedestrians, often snow and ice-covered surfaces, races for empty parking spaces – It’s not all tinsel, twinkling lights and […]

Car Thieves More Sophisticated

While the technology in our vehicles continues to evolve, so do sophisticated auto thieves who are using technology to bypass security systems and electronically gain access to Canadians’ vehicles. Yesterday, the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) said it is finding that technology is having a major impact on vehicle thefts, evident in its annual list, […]


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