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Reasons to Reconsider Buying Instant Online Insurance

Technology being what it is, you can buy just about anything on the internet these days, so why not your home or car insurance?

There’s no denying the convenience of online shopping, but there’s plenty to consider before you decide to breakup with your broker and go it alone. If you are considering buying an instant online policy, here’s what you need to know:

Comparing policies? You’re on your own.

Deciding which t-shirt or hoodie to buy online is a relative no-brainer. There are photos and customer reviews to help, but there’s a huge difference between such innocuous items and insurance policies. If you choose to purchase your insurance online, you’ll be doing a fair amount of homework and research comparing the various policy coverages, benefits and exclusions.

If you’re not well-versed on the kind of policies and things you need to watch for, you could miss something important.

Sometimes, you need to speak to a real person.

Technology can never replace all the benefits of dealing with a real person. When you have questions about your policy, or more importantly – need to file a claim – few things are more frustrating than reaching out to a call center and waiting for a representative. If you speak with a different individual each time you call, you’ll end up explaining yourself repeatedly, and may get mixed messages in response.

You might miss out on discounts.

There are more ways to save money than buying insurance online. Your broker can help you take advantage of discounts which may not be available through online brokers, such as:

  • Bundle discounts
  • Good student discounts for teenage drivers
  • Safe driving discounts
  • Paid-in-full discounts

Advocating for yourself when you need to file a claim.

If you have ever been in a car accident, you know filing a claim can involve some back and forth between both parties to determine who was at-fault. It is common for brokers to help their clients file a claim and to provide assistance if there are issues during the claim review process. You may think of your broker as a “middleman,” but in such cases, this is not a bad thing.

Many online applications are only set up for simple coverage needs.

If you have minimal assets only want the required minimum coverage, buying a policy online might work for you. But perhaps you drive a company car or own a 100-year-old home. The majority of people need more than a policy claiming to be a “one size fits all” protection plan.

Online applications can be complicated.

Getting an online is simple. Filling out the application is more complicated. You may be asked for detailed information, including:

  • Data from a home inspection report;
  • Proof of the age of your roof, furnace or other fixture;
  • Vehicle history report;
  • Appraisal documents; and,
  • Photos of your home or vehicle.

Gathering everything you need to fill out an online application can be time consuming – and if you fill it out incorrectly, you might not have the protection you thought when should you need to make a claim.

The risk of having the wrong coverage… or no coverage.

If your home or vehicle has been damaged, the last thing you want is your claim to be denied. This is a real risk when buying a policy online without understanding all the terms and conditions.

Or, let’s say you filled out the online application and guessed the age of your roof incorrectly. If you were to file a claim and this mistake is brought to light, you could have your claim denied AND coverage terminated simultaneously. Working with a broker offers the peace of mind in knowing your policy covers everything you expect it to.

Beware of trendy online companies and check their customer ratings.

You may be interested in buying insurance online because you’ve seen catchy advertisements on TV or social media. A great marketing campaign doesn’t always equate to great coverage or service. Take some time to research the company and read customer ratings.

Spending more time on price comparisons and filling out quote requests.

Why spend your own time getting quote requests and comparing policies when a DPM broker or CSR can do the work for you? Unlike an insurance agent, who only represents one insurer, an independent brokerage like DPM Insurance Group is licensed to deal with multiple insurance companies. Our brokers and CSRs will find a policy that provides the protection you need for the best price. We do not work for the insurers. We work for our clients.

The cheapest option is rarely the best option.

Cheaper isn’t always better. Insurance helps protect some of your most valuable possessions, from your car to your home and all of your personal belongings. You can protect them with an iron-clad policy, or you can take your chances with the insurance equivalent of duct tape?

Feel Confident in Your Coverage through DPM Insurance Group

At DPM Insurance Group, we pride ourselves on finding the right solution for our clients. Whether you need a personal insurance policy for your family or a commercial policy for your business, our brokers and CSRs have the expertise you need to feel confident in your protection. Contact us at one of our six offices located throughout Chatham-Kent and Essex County.

DPM Insurance Group offers free insurance quotes with no obligation to purchase. Click here to find out how much you could save by working with an independent broker: https://dpmins.com/locations/


Source: Webb Insurance


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