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The advantages of using a dash cam for insurance

More drivers every day seem to be installing dash cams in their vehicle, and one of the most popular reasons to do so is their ability to clearly show who was at fault when something goes awry on the road… even when the vehicle with the dash cam is not involved.

There is a wide array of makes and models to choose from when it comes to selecting a dash cam, which will continuously record the view the driver has through the windshield. Many also come with a second rear-facing camera which records what’s taking place behind the driver too.

A dash cam can serve as evidence

Should you ever find yourself involved in, or witness to, a collision while driving, you’ll be glad you invested in this little piece of technology. The footage provided by a dash cam is pretty much all the evidence the police – and your insurance company – will need. Most authorities in Canada now accept dash cam footage as evidence.

Dash cams have also been used to corroborate reports of reckless and dangerous drivers, providing evidence of road rage, erratic driving and other dangerous behaviors. A dashboard camera can help police and other law enforcement officers punish offenders before the worst-case scenario happens.

A dash cam can help settle claims

Sometimes insurance companies give discounts for specific safety features, and while a dash cam won’t lead to cheaper insurance rates just yet, it’s possible that once more data is available, insurance companies will give discounts for customers who have dash cams.

While you won’t notice a discount on your premiums, dash cams can help with settling claims. If there is a disagreement over who is at-fault, dash cams can help settle any issues. Avoiding at-fault claims can help you keep a clean driving record that will in turn keep your premiums as low as possible.

A dash cam advocates for safer driving

Dash cams can also just make a driver feel safer in general. Most dash cam technology comes with a built in GPS and Cloud connectivity. If your dash cam is running, it will also record the time, date, speed, and direction of travel. You can even watch what is happening in real-time using your smartphone. This could be a great tool for parents and anyone driving alone at night.

A dash cam can help fight insurance fraud

Dash cams can also provide you with another line of defense against fraudsters. This is because they act as a visible deterrent. Fraudsters can be discouraged from targeting you if they see that you have this kind of technology installed. For example, if someone motioned you into moving traffic or backed into you at a stop light to fake a rear-end collision, you’d be able to prove it. If you are involved in some sort of fraud, dash cam footage can be used as evidence to support your side of events.

Do dash cameras work when the car is off?

Most dash cams typically turn on and off with the engine, automatically recording video while your car is running. However, some dash cams have the option to be set up to stay on and keep recording even when the car is parked and the engine is off. This will depend on the brand, make and type of dash cam that you purchase, so do your research if this is a feature you would like to have.

Does a dash cam drain the battery?

Most dash cams will not drain your car’s battery, even while in park mode or if the engine is off. This is because dash cams actually consume very little power and energy, and only need half the amount of power required by a standard lightbulb. Some dash cams also come equipped with a “low-voltage mode” that will monitor your car’s battery while in use.

Do insurance companies accept dash cam footage?

Yes, most insurance companies will accept dash cam footage for a variety of things. Dash cams can be used to provide evidence if you have to submit a claim due to an accident. Speak with one of DPM Insurance Group’s brokers or CSRs to confirm your insurance company will accept dash cam footage.


Source: brokerlink.ca



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