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Times to Review Your Car Insurance

When your auto insurance expiry date is nearing – usually about six weeks away – you’ll receive a renewal reminder in the mail. That should allow you and your broker plenty of time to discuss your options and see if another insurance provider might give you a better rate. But your annual policy renewal date isn’t the only time you might want to review your policy.

At DPM Insurance Group, our licensed brokers and CSRs will gladly take the time to review your insurance needs at any time, but we encourage giving us a call right away if you experience any of the following insurance milestones.

You’re getting married

Depending on your spouse’s driving history, it’s possible the company that provided you with the best rate as a single driver may not be the same company that gives you the best rate as a couple. Check with your broker to see what your options are.

Adding teenage drivers to your policy

New drivers usually pay higher insurance than experienced drivers, but some insurers are more teen-friendly than others. If you have a new driver in your household, it’s worth checking to see if another insurer will give you a better rate.

Moving through the graduated licensing system

When your young driver moves from the G1, G2 license stage and into their full G license, you’ll likely be leaving higher auto insurance rates behind. Once they’ve passed all the driving tests, it’s time to put your rates to the test too.

You Turn 25

Not all drivers know that once they turn 25 years old, many see their auto insurance rates drop. It’s a surprise birthday present waiting to be unwrapped for good drivers.

You get a ticket or have been in an at-fault accident

Accidents happen to even the best drivers. If you are in an at-fault accident or get a ticket, you might see a rate increase at renewal time. Your broker can help you shop around to see what other companies can offer you. Despite not having a flawless record, some insurance companies are more forgiving than others.

Your driving record improves

Tickets and accidents will eventually clear off your driving record and when they do your broker might be able to suggest a company that can offer you a premium that reflects your new, blemish-free driving record.

Saying ‘I don’t’

Breaking up is hard to do, but if your ex has a sketchy driving record that included tickets or at-fault accidents, a fresh start with a new insurer provider could offer the best rate for you. It may be a separation that helps you save.


Where you live factors into what you pay for car insurance, and your premiums might change if you move, especially to a different municipality. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your insurer will offer you a better rate in your new neighbourhood. Just check to make sure you’re getting the best deal at your new address and compare rates once you’re settled.

Buying a new car

New or used, what you park in your driveway is one of the factors in calculating your car insurance rate. Cars that are more likely to be stolen, for example, may come with a heftier insurance bill. So, when shopping for a new car, keep in mind to shop for insurance to find a premium that’s as nice as your new set of wheels.

You change jobs or retire

When your daily commute changes, your insurance could change as well. Talk to your broker to see how if your premium can be reduced.

You see that rates have changed

Rates often fluctuate, but they do not typically increase or decrease across all insurance providers at the same time. Don’t wait until it’s time to renew to see if you could be saving money.

There are many times over the year when it pays to shop around. With DPM Insurance Group, it takes just a few short minutes to compare quotes from our network of insurance providers and make sure you’re not missing out on lower premiums. Click here to find the office closest to you: https://dpmins.com/locations/


Source: insurancehotline.com


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