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Why insurance companies have certified repair facilities

While no one wants to have to make a claim against their insurance policy, it’s nice to know that should that time come, you’ve worked with a broker who has ensured you’re adequately covered for your losses. Should that time come, you might find you might wonder if you should use your insurer’s preferred vendor for repairs.

Though not mandatory, there are several reasons insurers prefer you to use one of their preferred vendors to carry out your repairs.

First and foremost, preferred vendors have already been checked out by your insurance company and must meet specific licensing requirements, certifications, and ongoing education expectations, while also maintaining a track record of satisfied customers.

The second reason is that is saves everyone money in the long run. Insurance companies want the work done right, on time, and on budget. And they’re more likely to get it done right (and at a predictable price) by their own trusted partner than if you go to your local shop or find a contractor yourself.

When insurance companies can predict the price of common repairs, it also helps to reduce premiums. When there are no surprises when it comes to the costs of repairs, it helps prevent bigger surprises when it comes to the cost of premiums for customers like you.

What are the benefits of using one of your insurance company’s certified repair facilities?

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of using your insurance company’s preferred vendor for repairs to your home or vehicle, consider the perks they offer:

  • Using a certified repair facility saves you the trouble of gathering quotes and assessing repair shops and contractors yourself. Why shop around hoping to find the most qualified mechanic or contractor when someone else has not only already checked them out, but they also have tangible proof of the quality of workmanship they offer?
  • Repairs done by your insurance company’s certified repair facilities are guaranteed. When you go with one of your insurance company’s preferred vendors, you’ll usually get a written service warranty, and your insurance company will handle any quality issues that might come up.
  • Using your insurance company’s certified repair facilities saves you (and other customers) money in the long run. Predictable repair rates and work that doesn’t need to be redone means improved accuracy when insurance companies set premiums. And keeping costs in check is a win-win situation.

Bonus perks of using a preferred vendor

In addition to these standard benefits, if you go to one of your insurer’s certified repair facilities, you might also benefit from:

  • Quicker repairs. Preferred vendors often have the authority to get started on many repairs without waiting for approval from your insurance company.
  • Immediate approval of rental vehicles. If your car insurance policy includes rental car coverage, many preferred vendors have pre-approval from your insurer to arrange it for you.
  • A faster claims experience and higher satisfaction rates. Customers who use preferred vendors consistently have their claims closed more quickly and report significantly higher satisfaction rates compared with those who use other vendors.

What’s not covered by your insurance company’s certified repair facility’s service guarantee?

As solid as they are, certified repair facilities and service guarantees aren’t magical genies, so be sure to read the terms and conditions of any warranties that come with your repairs. The most common exclusions that would void a car or home repair guarantee include:

  • Regular wear and tear on your car or home
  • Damage due to environmental factors (like gravel chips on your newly painted car)
  • Modifications to repairs that are done by another vendor that’s not in your insurance company’s network
  • Abnormal use or improper maintenance
  • Subsequent damage or fire after repairs have been made
  • Vehicle parts that have a limited Original Equipment Manufacturer warranty (the insurance company won’t guarantee it beyond the OEM’s warranty)
  • Vehicle rust or rust repairs

If you have questions about your insurance company’s certified repair facilities, one of the brokers or CSRS are DPM Insurance Group would be pleased to answer them for you. Contact the office closest to you by clicking here: https://dpmins.com/locations/


Source: Economical Insurance


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