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Working with an Insurance Broker

People commonly feel anxious about personal finance decisions, and it is easy to understand why. The decisions are important and mistakes could be costly. Insurance is no exception. There are so many types of insurance, carrier choices and questions about what is and isn’t included in a policy. Working with an insurance broker can help answer your questions and make the decision-making process more efficient.

Unlike a captive agent that only works for one insurance carrier, a local insurance broker is unbiased and can sell policies from a diversified portfolio of insurance policies. At DPM Insurance Group, our brokers are professional, experienced and caring. They will work closely with you and become your personal advisor – taking the time to listen and understand your needs. Our goal is to make the process smoother for you; we work for your family, not the companies we represent.

Top 5 Benefits of Working with an Insurance Broker:

  1. Competitive Pricing

An independent insurance broker is not obligated to sell any one specific company’s products. Captive agents, on the other hand, are only allowed to represent the company they work for. As independent brokers, the DPM Insurance Group team can arrange an insurance portfolio for you, and quote multiple companies online quickly and efficiently. You then have the option of picking a company not only based on price, but on the levels of coverage, deductible and covered risks that best align with your needs.

Independent brokers review your policy every year, and have the ability to remarket your insurance premium to make sure you are getting the best deal. At DPM Insurance Group, our professional staff is able to remarket your insurance premiums easily. We can quickly search for a different company if your premium increases through no fault of your own, to ensure you are getting the best value and the best protection for your money.

  1. Coverage Tailored to You

DPM Insurance Group offers insurance for your home, auto and other family needs, as well as insurance for your business, employees and commercial assets. We are your one-stop destination for all of your coverage needs. Your DPM Insurance Group broker can address your specific needs at the lowest possible cost by connecting you with the best insurance for each of your identified risks. The best mix of insurance for you may well involve products from different companies in our vast portfolio of industry-leading providers, and we’ll help you identify the most effective plan.

The risk management challenges your family faces are unique to your profession and your financial objectives. Our brokers benefit from years of experience dealing with situations and challenges just like yours – which you can rely on to protect your family, save money and put your mind at ease.

  1. Industry Expertise

A crucial component of an insurance broker’s expertise is their knowledge of the insurance industry. It isn’t your job to be an insurance expert, and putting this burden on yourself could cause a significant amount of stress. Brokers work with a variety of products and services, and with clients from diverse backgrounds with their own unique needs. This means you will have an expert guiding you through the buying process with professional advice.

  1. Ease of Access

All of our brokers and CSRs are licensed for the many forms of insurance. It is our job to assess our clients’ insurance needs and match them with the carrier best equipped to meet those needs at an affordable price.

If the unexpected does happen and you need to file a claim, our brokers will work directly with the insurance companies to make sure your claim is processed in a timely manner. Claim processes can be stressful, confusing and time-consuming – and having a professional to answer your questions at your disposal will make the task easier. We will be your advocate throughout the entire process.

  1. Local Insight

Having a trusted advisor and advocate close to home is extremely valuable. Your DPM Insurance Group broker knows the conditions in your town, how business works there and what the major risks are that need to be addressed. They will also know you – your goals, your family and your business’s challenges. The core of your insurance broker’s business is to be close to you.

Challenges are different in every community and the insurance requirements differ. It may be tempting to quote directly with big insurance companies – but the truth is they will never know the special conditions in your community, and what major risks need to be addressed in your area. Your local DPM Insurance Group broker knows the challenges and risks in our communities, and will help you set up the protection you need.

Source: Webinsurance


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